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Asset Management

Work Toward Your Goals

WatchTower offers ongoing portfolio management services based on your individual goals, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

We create an Investment Policy Statement for you, which outlines your current financial situation (income, tax levels, and risk tolerance levels).

Portfolio management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Investment strategy
  • Personal investment policy
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset selection
  • Risk tolerance
  • Regular portfolio monitoring

It is our policy to seek fair and equitable allocation of investment opportunities and transactions among our clients.

Portfolio Management Fees

The advisory fee is calculated using the value of the assets in the Account on the last business day of the prior billing period.

The final fee schedule will be memorialized in the client’s advisory agreement. Clients may terminate the agreement without penalty for a full refund of WWM’s fees within five business days of signing the Investment Advisory Contract. Thereafter, clients may terminate the Investment Advisory Contract immediately upon written notice.

Payment of Portfolio Management Fees

Asset-based portfolio management fees are withdrawn directly from the client’s accounts with the client’s written authorization on a monthly basis or may be invoiced and billed directly to the client on a monthly basis. Clients may select the method in which they are billed. Fees are paid in advance.